Saturday, March 03, 2007

Bookstore Watch | Coming Soon: McNally books on Bay

I see in the Saturday Globe & Mail ("Bookseller sets up shop on Bay Street") that Ben McNally, the former longtime manager at Nicholas Hoare Books on Front Street, will in June open an eponymous bookstore of his own -- called Ben McNally Books -- at 366 Bay Street (between Richmond and Adelaide). Reportedly the independent bookstore will sell new titles and will focus on quality fiction and non-fiction.

For many years Ben McNally has been an energetic presence in the book trade, writing the "Notes from a Book Addict" column for (a trade website), contributing to the Harbourfront Centre's literary programs, and interviewing authors and speaking about bookselling and publishing at large. McNally's departure last fall from Nicholas Hoare Books aroused considerable public curiosity, and so the news that he will be opening his own store does not come as much of a surprise.

I don't follow local literary politics, am always happy to see a new bookstore open, and will look forward to visiting Ben McNally books during my regular Toronto bookstore visits.

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