Friday, March 09, 2007

Bookstore Watch | Balfour Books Takes it (half) Off

Got a note from Liz Walker, a staffer at Balfour Books (601 College at Clinton), suggesting it would be a terrible pity to miss the store's annual half-price sale:
Balfour Books Annual Half-Price Sale March 10. Toronto's best used bookstore is holding its annual sale and this year. It will last a whole week. It's a great opportunity to stock up on fiction, photography, theory, design, art, architecture, film, culture studies, cooking, religion and more. All books in the store are on
sale for one week. Open daily at Noon. Open to 11pm.

Mark it on your calendar. Don't come in the shop on March 24 asking for the sale. It will be over and won't happen again until next year.
Sounds good enough for me! In case you're not familiar with Balfour, Toronto Life writes of the store, "[w]ith its whirring ceiling fans and wooden shelves, this shop boasts an appealing old-world atmosphere. One of the last general-interest used bookstores, it stocks almost 20,000 titles; specialties include opera, cooking, art, photography and children’s literature. Balfour carries fiction ranging from contemporary to classic mysteries."

[Old books image by me.]

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